Theronious Chunk

Unleash the Power of Vinyl:
Elevate Your EDM Experience with the Master of the Turntable

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What I Do

As an electrifying force in the world of EDM, I bring the beats to life at local festivals and gigs, setting dance floors ablaze with my vinyl prowess. Beyond the stage, I embrace the role of a mentor, nurturing aspiring DJs and helping them unlock their full potential. Together, let's ride the waves of pulsating rhythms and create unforgettable musical moments.


Who I Am

I am a passionate vinyl aficionado, harnessing the raw energy and warmth that only analog records can deliver. With a relentless love for techno, jazz, and house, I craft mesmerizing mixes that transport listeners to ethereal sonic landscapes. Through the crackling grooves and rhythmic precision, I invite you to join me on a journey where vinyl becomes the gateway to musical bliss.


Threads of Rhythm

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